How To Make Caesar Salad

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How To Make Caesar Salad

How To Make Caesar Salad

So I have been asked a lot lately How To Make Caesar Salad. So I decided to post my own homemade Caesar dressing, homemade Caesar croutons and tell you how to make Caesar salad. It is very easy to make and is actually pretty fast to do. If you have company coming for dinner and you really want to impress them make this salad to start off your meal with. They will not believe it is homemade and if they do they will think you worked all day preparing it! This is a really good tasty salad that people will think is from a gourmet restaurant!

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Instructions on How To Make Caesar Salad – What you will need:

  • 1 head romaine lettuce washed and ripped into pieces
  • Homemade Caesar dressing (recipe here)
  • Homemade Caesar croutons (recipe here)
  • Homemade bacon bites
  • Freshly shaved parmesan cheese
  • Lemon juice
  • Freshly grated black pepper

How To Make Caesar Salad Ingredients

Gather your ingredients together, lettuce, dressing, croutons, bacon bits, cheese, lemon juice, black pepper.

How To Make Caesar Salad - Romaine Lettuce

Wash and dry lettuce then rip into bite size pieces.

How To Make Caesar Salad bacon bits

To make your own homemade bacon bits cut some bacon into small pieces and fry then scoop the bacon out into a bowl lined with paper towel and soak the grease out.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Start putting everything into the bowl.

Homemade Caesar Croutons - How To Make Caesar Salad

Add homemade Caesar croutons.

How To Make Caesar Salad

Add a little homemade Caesar salad dressing.

How To Make Caesar Salad - mix together

Add a few drops of lemon juice. Once everything is in the bowl start mixing together.

How to make homemade Caesar Salad

Once mixed together dish salad out into salad dished and then add a little more freshly shaved Parmesan cheese and freshly grated black pepper on top.

There you have it. Your own homemade Caesar salad! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading my recipe and cooking with me. Happy healthy eating!

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