Best Bread for Barbecue?

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Best Bread for Barbecue

What is Best Bread for Barbecue?

So I have been asked lately what is the best bread for barbecue? My answer is it depends. It depends on what you will be barbecuing. Garlic bread is a good choice, cornbread is popular, french bread, potato buns and the list goes on. I find it also depends where you are from, it seems like different regions have different favorites. For example cornbread I always think of the southern states. Send me your bread likes and recipes.

Grilled sourdough garlic & herb bread is always a hit with steaks.

Here is a quick and easy way I do some bread for a BBQ when I am in a hurry: slice a loaf of French bread or baguette, slathered with a compound butter made with minced garlic, chives, fresh basil and parsley, then grilled until toasty.

Here is a list of some different breads and recipes that are best bread for barbecue:

BBQ Garlic Bread – This is easy to make and very tasty! Goes good with most anything.

Hot Rolls – These are very easy to make and a favorite for everyone.

Herb Bread – This bread and butter roll-up comes out melted and steaming from the oven with perfect flavoring.

Beef Rolls – Beef, Canadian bacon, swiss cheese and fresh spices is the perfect dish for the men and boys in the house.

Angel Rolls – A sweet-tasting dinner bread made from yeast dough that needs no rising.

Health Rolls – These whole-wheat rolls are made with honey and mixed seeds, such as poppy and sesame.

Jody’s Hot Rolls – These yeast rolls take a bit of patience as they take a long while to rise, but straight from the oven they’re completely worth it!

Oatmeal Yeast Rolls – These nourishing rolls are the perfect accompaniment to a nice warm meal.

Diet Revolution Rolls – If you love the taste of bread but fear all the carbs, try this recipe out.

Freezer Crescent Rolls – This is a great make-ahead recipe for when you don’t have time to make fresh rolls or you only want a few.

Onion-Potato Pan Rolls – These hearty rolls made with onion soup mix and instant potato mix are sure to satisfy.


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